About Us

Richard Bousquet has been collecting coins since 1958.  As a child he started filling the Whitman blue folders with pennies and nickels.  While in the Navy, he collected world coins from the ports he visited, which usually consisted of leftover change from each country.  He then worked on a 20th century type set in extra fine (EF) or better with only key or semi-key dates.  In August 2005, Mark Trout sold Richard a complete set of AG to VG Jefferson Nickels in the first two Whitman folders (1938-1964, 1965-date).  The set which included all the war nickels, purchased for ten dollars.  His next challenge was to upgrade each coin to mint state 60 (MS60) or better.  Then he continued to try to find coins with full steps.  Expanding his interest even further, he began to acquire all the proofs including the 1939 with reverse of 1940 and the 1940 with the reverse of 1938 varieties.  After reading Walter Breen’s Encyclopedia of U. S. And Colonial Coins, he started a new quest; to find all the different Jefferson varieties in Breen’s book.  While searching for the varieties, he also started to collect errors, but only if the error was on a Jefferson Nickel.  His interest in nickels became a unique nitch that no other person in The Greater Jacksonville (FL) Coin Club (GJCC) had, so he became the resident Jefferson Nickel expert.  After developing a Power Point presentation, he gave talks to the coin clubs near Jacksonville, Florida, and was frequently was asked for a copy of the presentation for their club library.  He made photographs from the slide presentation and authored this book with help from numismatist Bud Roman and others.  As for the nickels he bought from Mark Trout, he gave the now three Whitman folders to Elizabeth Gerhart, a Young Numismatist (YN) at the coin club in September, 2013.  At thirteen, the young lady had already started a Jefferson Nickel set with all the silver nickels in uncirculated condition.

Richard can be contacted at rjbousquet48@gmail.com